Payments solutions for 2022.

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Today’s environment has forced financial institutions to reevaluate how digital channels and real-time payments can be used to deliver the experiences consumers expect. Whether your customers are paying people or businesses, in person, online or by mobile, Fiserv solutions allow you to maximize the potential of electronic payment processing. We offer a range of innovative, fully integrated in-house and outsourced payment solutions designed to meet your needs and your customers' changing demands, while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Payment gateway technologies are always evolving to reflect new consumer tastes and technical capacities. In the past, terminals would accept credit cards using magnetic strips and required paper signatures from the customer.

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The architecture of a payment gateway will differ depending on whether it is an in-store gateway or an online payment portal. Online payment gateways will require application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow the website in question to communicate with the underlying payment processing network. In-store payment gateways will utilize a POS terminal that connects to the payment processing network electronically using either a phone line or an Internet connection.


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A payment gateway is distinct from a payment processor, a service that connects the customer's bank to the merchant account and facilitates the actual movement of money.


  • John Jones
    19th May 2021 Reply

    You can think of these like two halves of the transaction: a payment gateway collects customer information for payment, and a payment processor uses that information to contact the customer's bank and the merchant account, debiting one account and crediting the other.

  • Steven Smith
    19th May 2021 Reply

    A payment gateway collects customer card information and encrypts it for later processing.

  • Sarah Taylor
    19th May 2021 Reply

    Merchants can gain access to payment gateway systems through merchant acquiring bank partnerships, or else they can select their own payment gateway system. Large banks such as Bank of America (BAC) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) have sophisticated payment gateway systems that they offer to customers along with their own merchant acquiring bank services.

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